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HD TV advice


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Hi, I am moving soon and am going to treat myself to an HD TV (probably 50").


I keep getting different bits of advice, and am getting confused.


First I was told that Plasma is best at 50", then the guy in Richer sounds Guildford said go LCD (but not to waste money on the LED).


I don't really want to pay more than £1k. Any hints and tips would be welcome.


I want a tv that is good for football and movies.



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Buy a Sony Bravia 46W5500 - 46 inch screen very very good performer all round and under £1,000. Technically and spec identical (apart from screen size) to the Sony Bravia 40E5500 I bought a couple of months ago - recommend this product from this supplier (couple of hundred pounds cheaper than most).





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I have a Samsung 40" LED (UE40B700)...Top drawer.




A promotion is/was running to get cashback as it is a energy saving set.


It's not full LED though.


Samsung are about a year behind Sony and Panasonic in technology.


I work for Sony, went to a training day recently to try out the new 3D TV's. They are pretty awesome, although obviously some people will think it's a gimmick.


Anyway, honestly, I'd go for a Sony, Panasonic or Pioneer. Make sure it's got 100hz at least though.

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