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Win an Ipod - Saints PLayer Survey


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Anyone else noticed that the service providers look like they are trying to improve their service?


I was "spammed" to complete a survey, interesting the range of things they are looking to see if we want included.


With our skanky ISP service down here the Video side of the player is a pain in the backside but seems like they are doing their homework.


A video archive of the 60's & 70's - why did i think of TT when seeing that idea :-P


But they are looking to make them additional costs or revenue earning streams from subscription increases or advertising


Oh & Mods, on that subject, why the sudden appearance of adverts on full members pages on here?

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Shouldn't be any, unless you've logged out.


Nope am logged in and pop up blocker is on and still getting ads from the USA FFS



Ah sorted was my proxy blocker had to run it to download Skype onto the new laptop. Sorry couldn't work out why you guys had taken advertising from JetBlue....


ho hum!

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bit peeved, entered the survey but got kicked off after saying I was a 1 (Very Uninterested) in having the Saints Player (had it on a free trial - in which they still charged me!), it then said "this survey is for people who are interested in using the Saints Player" and then shut the window, WTF!!!!!!! It never said that on the email (I'd been randomly selected I was told gleefully), Jesus, you answer a survey honestly and get thrown off!!

Does that mean no chance of winning the Ipod?

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