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Thaksin Shinawatra

Master Bates

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Does he get to keep his fortune? If so, he'll probably get a hotelroom for a prisoncel and he'll walk out a very rich man. I'd say that's quite light.


He won't go back there to find out.He's corrupt not dopey, mind you he did buy Citeh, soon sold them though to shift his ill gotten gains around the planet a bit more.

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I saw on one of the other threads over the last week (had a quick look but couldnt find it) saying allegedly money from the sale of illegal firearms has been paid into two bank accounts one of which is Junior's bank account!


Looks like nothing will happen :(


Pompey escape scrutiny


Alexandre Gaydamak's ownership of Portsmouth will not come under any fresh scrutiny from the Premier League despite weekend reports that he has personally been named in court documents relating to a trial in Paris in which his father Arkadi is said to have been a central figure in allegedly illegal arms deals to Angola. The Premier League is confident that its recent research into Gaydamak junior's assurances that he alone is the ultimate controlling shareholder of the Fratton Park club still holds.


From the Guardian 'Digger' column - 3rd para down.


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