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Trick or Treat pranks

Crouchie's Lawyer

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If they didnt answer we normally smashed their lounge window. Also took paint stripper out for the cars.


Two part question:


1) Is this just for effect Shane or did you really do this?




2) What were you hoping they would give you? I personally favoured money or propper big chocolate bars (not the mini ones, Im talking something like a toffee crisp). Did you give them a 'trick' if you deemed the treat to be lame (like someone giving you a manky apple?)

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When the idiots come round I stand at the front door, holding our biggest dog by the collar, with her bouncing up and down and barking her head off, then offer them my own 'trick or treat'; the treat being I'll give them a headstart back to the front gate, the trick being I'm probably lying :D

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