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The what is CabbageFace listening to fred


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As Pancake worked out i was listening to SOAD, he is amazing.


Get 1 point for correct song title, 1 point for artiist.


"I wanna make you sweat

the way a pig sweats on a hot day

cos im feeling real sexy baby

real sexy uh yeah

im gonna put a sexy video on

im going to massage some oil into my body

cos im going to get tight with you


Im gonna take you to mcdonalds with a candle

girl its my love you cant handle"


Pancake - 4

Jillyanne - 3

S13 SFC - 2

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New Found Glory, I don't wanna know.


I wish I had your iPod, not.


Its 16gb ipod touch, so i would imangine you would, its quite good.


"When I just a little baby boy,

my momma used to tell me these crazy things

She used to tell me my daddy was an evil man,

she used to tell me he hated me

But then I got a little bit older

and I realized, she was the crazy one

But there was nothin I could do or say to try to change it

cause that's just the way she was"

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This isnt a slag of CF amazing music thread.


next one


"well im blowing smoke out of your window, and you're slippin' back into your dress, you know you were always such a lady, i've always been impressed, but gentlemen they dont ask questions, just keep quiet, pay attention, gentlemen, they dont ask questions...we could pay attention..."

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