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At least someone realises...


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Michael Svensson is indeed a remarkable individual with an incredible personality, full of self-belief and determination. He is a shining example of the best sort of professional to all the youngsters who are playing around him. If he can remain fit, then he will be a very valuable asset to the team and will be one of the major factors towards whether we succeed or fail.


But there is the nub of the matter. We have signed him on a pay per play contract purely becuse the odds against him continuing to play are in the balance. As the article says, he has been back before and lasted 7 matches. If his knee problems have been solved and will stand up to the rigours of a full season at this physical level, then we will all be delighted. But like Killer himself, let's take one match at a time and have our own confidence and sense of good luck increase with every game that he plays.


His ability or his attitude and worth is not in doubt.

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What a nice change to read a saints article in a major paper that is both correct & well written.


Well done killer.


The only dark cloud is that if he stays fit, how long will he stay with us? Particularly as WGS knows what a good player a fit Killer is

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