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Olympics Forum..???


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Can we (for the next couple of weeks) have an Olympics Forum.


There are a few posts flying around at the moment, and I would like to add more.


I dont think they should clutter the "Lounge" or "Muppet Show" forums as its not really related.



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Guest Dark Sotonic Mills

A study of 17 countries shows a cumulated TV audience of more than 1.8 billion for the Athens 2004 Paralympic Games, up on Sydney 2000.

Japan scored the largest cumulative audience (587 million), followed by France (335 million), Germany (310 million) and China (309 million).

The largest market shares, however, were reached in New Zealand (26.4 per cent), Switzerland (21.6 per cent) and Austria (21.1 per cent).



99.9% - are you maybe exaggerating?

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