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Poor show that neither Wilde or Lowe were there?


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Are we going to get this every time? Christ.


Perhaps they're busy. It's a hell of a long way for a tuesday night. People moan if Lowe is at matches and moan if he's not. I'd rather people just shut up about it either way.




Sorry Adrian I think it is very relevant. If its a too far for our Chairmen then how can we expect the fans and the players to make the trip?

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On this occasion I sort of half agree with you. Lowe is wise and circumspect in keeping a low profile, he will be fully aware of the consequences of him being seen in the director's box having been through all that two years ago. Why risk it until we start winning something. As for Wilde, well he is the Judas who brought Lowe back in. Want to be seen in public...? You work it out!


So it may not be a question of not being bothered, probably more staying out of site.

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Well Lowe is picking the team so you would think he would watch what he picked.


I will do it before Trousers does


Tiger, Tiger, burning bright

In the forest of the night,

What immortal hand or eye

Could frame thy fearful symmetry?

In what distant deeps or skies

Burnt the fire of thine eyes?

On what wings dare he aspire?

What the hand dare seize the fire?

And what shoulder and what art

Could twist the sinews of thy heart?

And, when thy heart began to beat,

What dread hand and what dread feet?

What the hammer? What the chain?

In what furnace was thy brain?

What the anvil? What dread grasp

Dare its deadly terrors clasp?

When the stars threw down their spears,

And water'd heaven with their tears,

Did He smile His work to see?

Did He who made the lamb make thee?

Tiger, Tiger, burning bright

In the forests of the night,

What immortal hand or eye

Dare frame thy fearful symmetry

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