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Temp. free kick line spray


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But all it needs anyway , is a referee with half a brain who can see when the wall encroaches.

It's not that difficult.

Just book the player if he is too close. It will soon stop.


Well indeed. But at least it shows a bit of imagination on the part of South American football.


Our lot wring their hands because they want players to stop harassing the ref after he makes a decision they don't like, and then don't have the balls to introduce technology that would cut out the arguments anyway. What do they expect from modern footballers, brought up on a diet of diving, cheating and generally getting away with it - the proper etiquette or something..?

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They did this in Brazil a few years back. I never understood why it didn't catch on elsewhere. As for the point about booking players. Its a strange rule in my opinion that you only book the one that does it first. Just book every player that does it, that would stop it because then you can't hide behind the "I wasn't the first one" argument anymore and it make it a lot easier for refs to decide who gets the card(s).

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