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best not look at number 11


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Chris Hadfield is great, met him before Christmas at book signing and saw him doing some Q&A. Recommend watching some interviews and definitely reading his book. He's extremely likeable and has given a great insight to the rest of us on what it's like up there and just what goes into a mission.


When you start to understand just how much work and ability goes into astronaut training, and how ridiculously unlikely it is to happen even if you're brilliant, it becomes all the more impressive. What comes across in his book is that he's aware that despite how hard he's worked, a huge amount of it is luck along the way.


When I got home from seeing him a couple of my housemates didn't know who he was and weren't interested, and carried on watching Made in Chelsea.


Read a nice interview with him in the Guardian a month or two ago, very humble guy with a really great outlook on life. Talking about his space walk:


".. I found it overpoweringly visual. You don't have random thoughts. The onslaught of what was pouring in through my eyeballs was filling up everything. The textures and colours of the world are constantly changing, and a whole continent is rolling by next to you, while this huge gold and silver and white spaceship is there in your hand, and if you just look behind it, there's the whole universe. Infinity."

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In the next month, our astronomy club is going to 'flash the ISS' as it passes overhead. A more elaborate version of this -



- but with us mapping out a strobing arrow effect instead of just a point of light using several floodlight stations 5 miles apart. Will be filmed from those on board the ISS and covered by National Geographic later this year. Geeky fun!

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