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  1. Easily solved, you could ask easier questions and set a higher benchmark. You have a point though - what is the use of doing a degree if your mark is so low - are any employers going to be impressed by just passing?!
  2. hhhmm prepare for a sarcy comment in that case, journos hate admitting they've got something wrong.
  3. I see the Camp Nou was a third empty for their recent match against Valencia, fecking **** poor getting only 66,969 punters through the gates. If the skates had a stadium with a capacity of 100,000 they'd be getting at least 90,000 of the most pashionat fans in the world week-in-week-out against the likes of Torquay and Northampton. FACT.
  4. Pompey fans *****ing about getting youngsters taken from under their noses all forget that current hero/zero Jed Wallace (supposedly their star player) was bought from Lewes for peanuts when he was aged 16.
  5. This debate was done to death when people were wondering how many points we needed to get promoted to the Prem. To ensure you finish 3rd from bottom you need to match the points that teams typically get when they finish 3rd from bottom, not second from bottom.
  6. But if you are the second bottom team then you need to get more points than 3rd bottom to swap places and stay up. How many points would have kept up Hereford?
  7. How many points did Hereford need to stay up?
  8. Not this debate again: two seasons ago Hereford went down with 44 points. By your logic to survive that season would have needed 45 points? Wrong! Barnet finished 3rd from bottom with 46 points so a points haul of 45 points wouldn't have been enough, 47 points was needed.
  9. But it is the 3rd bottom teams' scores that are crucial (i'm presuming it is 2 down right?)
  10. Barket wants "quality over quantity" according to the News...... http://www.portsmouth.co.uk/sport/pompey/quality-over-quantity-for-barker-1-5832672 facepalm thingy
  11. I'd be livid if my nipper saved up a grand only to waste it with a donation to pay the wages of professional footballers.
  12. Imagine the thought process though as Westwood and fellow gimps approached the newly erected bandstand...."what we need out front is a couple of huge soft toys"..."and I've got a mannequin...we could tie its neck to the scaffold". Brilliant.
  13. The bloke second in from the right looks very confused by drumsticks.
  14. I wouldn't and not just because she's a Tory MP for Portsmouth. She's just not fit.
  15. What's with the stuffed toys and mannequin? disturbing.
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