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Queuing for tickets and Lock Outs


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Presumably none of the youngsters on here will remember the 'enjoyment' of queuing for big match tickets at the Dell with long lines of supporters snaking round the ground.


Also turning up at a popular pay at the gate game and being turned away as the ground was full. (Fortunately never happened to me)


last time I can remember an overnight queue was for the 76 cup Final and then there was a lock out for Mick Channons testimonial on the Monday


So glad I was here to witness both


Writing this reminds me of the special evening games at the Dell.


Poor floodlights seemed to enhance the atmosphere and there was the all pervading smell of cigarette smoke, booze and hot Bovril plus whatever was on your shoes after a visit to the latrines.


Also for big games the Echo used to publish both attendance plus gate receipts which wouldn't equate to a fraction of the weekly wage of our top wage earners nowadays


Good memories but glad we have moved on.

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Lived on the Isle of Wight when I was a boy; most matches me and my mates would catch the 9am ferry, but for the bigger games we’d catch the 7.15am ferry – hour over the Solent and half hour walk to the ground got us there at about 8.45am, where we would join the queue for the west stand terrace. Amazing now to think we waited over 6 hours for the match to kick off, often in the pouring rain!


Of course, when we were older and taller we left it a lot later – one time I had only just got in before I heard the dreaded turnstile bell ring to signify the ground was full.


As for the smell of smoke, there’s a certain blend of tobacco that even to this day, if I catch just the slightest sniff of, transports me straight back to those terraces. If I knew which blend it was, I’d buy some and smoke it myself.


Avoided queuing for my 1976 Cup Final ticket by giving one of my vouchers to a mate in return for him queuing all night to get both our tickets.

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We used to queue for match tickets at the Dell in the mid 90's before we realised we could fax over our order on a Friday before leaving work and they'd process it first thing Saturday morning before the ticket office opened. Biggest queue I remember being in was for the FA Cup game against Pompey in 96. Seem to remember getting there at 6am and joining the queue a long way up Milton Road. Still got tickets though.

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Locked out of Dell ground record game v Man U. Wouldn't be allowed now on safeguarding grounds. My dad was already inside when the closed the boys turnstile on Archers. I was a few months short of my twelfth birthday. Imagine the headlines that would make today. Different world. Remember trying to peer in through sides of the wooden exit gates. Couldn't see anything.

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