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Wanted - Pug cross puppy / young adult ?

sfcuk fan

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My beloved is searching for one or maybe two pug cross puppies or young adult dogs, say up to 2 years old ?


She has searched online but there's so many scams with puppies that we're not sure where best to look.


Do any Saints fans know of any pug cross puppies or can you recommend a breeder in the area ?


We live on the Isle of Wight so any puppies within say 50 ish miles of Southampton ?


Good home and lovely Island walks awaiting the lucky dog :-)


Thanks for any tips ?

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I bought my cocker spaniel via this website about eighteen months ago. You may have looked at it already but, if not, then give it a go. I think you can generally get a good idea of whether sellers are genuine (for which read owners, not puppy farmers) by the pictures on the site and a chat on the phone. A visit to see the pups will definitely tell you all you need to know - their surroundings, how they're looked after, whether they're loved or just a money-making thing...


Good luck with the search!

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Thanks Fowllyd, we have already looked at that site. Our problem is that whereas you can just jump in your car and go look at some puppies, it costs me about £50 on the ferry just to get the car off the island ! I cant afford to do that too often unless I'm sure of the destination / puppies. Hence why I'm looking for any recommendations for breeders etc ?

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Yes of course, I hadn't considered your island location. Makes it a fair bit more difficult I must admit. If I hear of anyone with pugs or pug crosses going I'll certainly let you know. We got our dog from Devizes, which is 60 or so miles from here; a phone conversation with the woman selling them meant I felt as certain as I could do that the journey wouldn't be wasted.

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IMHO, you may need to evaluate your "so many scams with puppies" stance. It may be a bit of a generalisation, but I doubt that people that run puppy farms would sell them via Pets4homes to be honest. Only look at adverts that offer the chance to see the mother, and in a home environment, that way you can be assured that its a genuine sale.


Most of the ads on Pets4homes have telephone numbers, don't be afraid to give the owner a call and ask loads of questions, if they haven't got anything to hide they wont mind you asking loads of questions, in fact it may well put their mind at rest knowing the dog is going to a responsible owner.


Have a look at this link, and base your questions around the "points to consider when buying a puppy" section (can you see mum and dad, other puppies etc)



Also, puppy farm owners will find it very difficult to provide satisfactory answers to these 2 points.



  • If possible request a written agreement that purchase is subject to a satisfactory examination by your veterinary surgeon within 48 hours of purchase.
  • Ask if the puppy will be covered by insurance for any illness during the first six weeks in your care (most good breeders subscribe to this scheme).


Hope you find each other!

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