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  1. New Season, new mug ! Following the success of the Portsmouth v Southampton commemorative mug we bring you ....... " the Covid Cup " ...... stay safe and keep those skates two divisions below us 🙂 The perfect gift to the Saints fan in your life or for yourself to wind up those pesky Pompey fans at work ! SOUTHAMPTON TILL I DIE https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/324294325151 Just £4.99 plus p&p.
  2. What better way to commemorate that beautiful night ! A brace from Ings, one each from Cedric and Redmond. The perfect gift for the Saints fan in your life, just £4.99 + p&p. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/323929204801 Up the Saints :-) https://www.mediafire.com/view/35fdin5avnfpyv3/IMG_2099.JPG/file
  3. http://cricfree.top/soccer/southampton-manchester-united-cfrae305?l=1446979294
  4. any good streams for this match please ?
  5. Any good streams for this match ?
  6. I don't often post but I just want to give Mark Hughes my backing here. We were sinking fast under Pellegrino and MH did the job asked of him and kept the club up, for that alone I thank him. He deserves a chance and I'm also pleased we have a manager with passion, an aura of authority, and one who at least speaks English ! Not everyones first choice I know but for me I say, " 100% behind ya m8, up the Saints !!! "
  7. What ? No HGV drivers in this forum ? Or has no one used this firm ?
  8. Has anyone used ' DVLA D4 Driver Medical Southampton ' to renew their HGV D4 medical form ? My doctor wants to charge me £150 and can't do it for nearly two weeks ! These guys are offering it at short notice for £50 including eye test. They seem alright and operate all over the country but Im a bit sceptical cos they operate out of Hotel IBIS rather than a proper clinic ?? Hence the question, anyone used this service or should i avoid ? Thanks :-) http://www.d4drivers.uk/southampton/
  9. I like this quote from the ' getfootballnews' link in the 2nd post .......... This season, Puel has once again proved why he is one of the best managers in French football, deploying a stunning high-pressing and lightening-quick counter-attacking game in defence and a technical and rapid possession based game in attack, making ball-playing OGC Nice the most aesthetically pleasing on the eye side in the French top flight.
  10. Definately do the London Hotel, they would just lurve you guys in there :-)
  11. I guess he's got a bone to pick with the club. Better behave or he'll get his collar felt !
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