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David James comments on academies


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I listened to Peter Schmeichel on Match of the Day


Lol! I mean, what? I sometimes see Schmeichel on MOTD but surely that is what the mute button is for? I don't suppose even Alan Hanson actually listens to what the dumb turd is saying! I like how David James actually seems surprised to find Schmeichel espousing trite and illogical observations! Dumb Skate!

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Interesting that Liverpool fielded the most under 20 players last season

This season it has got to be saints, think we have fielded at least 1 under 20 in every single game with







What is interesting is the fact that James only mentions his former club Liverpool, ignores us and even then I doubt that he is right.


First he talks about the number of under 20 year old players and in the same breath he is talking about the number of starts during the season. So which statistic is he using to make his point rather badly?


Last season Liverpool had the most under-20 players making first-team starts in the Premier League – by a country mile – Raheem Sterling accounting for 18 of those.


He is talking about the number of starts made by under 20 year old players and picks out Raheem Sterling with 18. Who are these other under 20 players that played for them in the the Premiership and how many matches did they feature in?


Shaw played in 25 last season and James Ward-Prowse in 15.

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