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Steve Bruce is such a decent chap - a breath of fresh air


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I really think Steve Bruce is the nicest of fellers.


Very complimentary of Saints tonight in the BBC interview at http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football/26027957


I have seen him be equally generous of other sides this season rather than bemoaning bad luck like some other managers or even scoring cheap points like certain winning managers.


Hats off to Mr Bruce. A thoroughly decent man in an era when most premiership managers can't do the same.


I hope Hull do well under his stewardship.

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Doing a good job with Hull IMO and has made some good transfers. Too early to say whether he'd be a better fit than Moyes at Utd?


I agree that he has done well with Hull. Same points as us at this point last season; the league's just a bit kinder. Still, 27 points and out of the relegation zone isn't bad. Hull are just a bit further up on the basis of everyone else being a bit further down.


Is he a winner, though?

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