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The Start of a new era?...


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so then...


after much confusion on what's happening with players/managers/coaches/tea-ladys I think its time just to sit back and breathe for a second:


Poch has gone and Lambert is pretty much all but gone, Lallana and shaw are a possibility of leaving too.


we seem to be linked with complete dross on twitter/tabloids when it comes to managers! Houghton/Clarke/Howe/Rosler are all below par for how big our club is...


now we have been linked to managers such de Boer and koeman and Moyes, all 3 of those managers would keep our best players at bay and bring in quality as well!


they would also get a big transfer kitty which has been reported by Blackmore and others, so clearly the club wants to achieve Europe!


its horrible to see Lambert go but he is 33 next year and isn't getting any younger, he could have a terrible run of games next season and everyone would get on at him like they did last season.


so a new high profile manager, new players, clearly we want to get into Europe. doesn't sound so bad huh?


The future looks potentially very good!




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If we wanted to get into Europe, we would keep the team together and add 1 or 2. We're not intent on doing that, so any ideas or statements about Europe is just PR waffle for the fans to lap up.


We are in the midst of a fire sale, or board are seemingly inept at everything - so at this moment in time, the future looks atrocious.

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Mate can I have some of what your on.

We have lost one of the best managers we've had, our charismatic talisman has left, our other England players are on the verge of leaving


Selfish bastards all of them, if you think they have any loyalty to Saints you're addled brained - out with the old, in with the new

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The future looks potentially very good? Yes, for Liverpool and the future bank accounts of Mrs Lallana and Mrs Lambert.


Talk of Europe is a joke at this stage. You don't say you want to quality for Europe and then destroy the entire team starting the next day. It's also irrelevant if the new manager gets a "warchest". No good players will want to come here if we've already sold our existing good ones. And even if they do there's no guarantee they'll work out.


Let's just pray for survival next season and a competent board.

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Before the season ended we needed 3-4 players to step up a notch.now we could well be looking at having to bed in 7-8 players .which quite frankly is a recipe for disaster.


Yes indeed. We've been short of players for over half the season. I cannot see this turning out well.

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