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  1. Why are people so keen to give titles and promotions away? I dont get it.Either play it out or null & void. Personally I'd go with null & void the fall out from the Scousers would be epic.
  2. Missed 1st half our but what I did see we were magnificent.
  3. Loving VAR right now. Our games are anything but dull that's for sure. Djenpo is looking a class act. Boufal had another good game as did Rom. Vest was poor again and looking like a real weak link in our armour not a fan of Cedric either. We do make things hard for ourselves at times. Need to sirt that left back slot. Be happier with Valery at right back too. Still another win great goal and a clean sheet and upto 10th happy days.
  4. Vest & Rom had great games imo. Very good result considering the sending off. Utd have fallen pretty far. The likes of Rashford wouldn't get near the top sides starting 11.
  5. So they're not going to keep the breaks/extensions to deadlines that Leeds and fishy lot down the road seemed to keep getting then.
  6. Last 30mins was awful. Barely touched the ball.but woo hoo 3 massive points.
  7. JWP motm by a county mile. Yoshi had a good game too,glad to see him back in the team.
  8. I never saw last nights game bit sounds like a few all had off games at the same time.Think that's going to happen from time to time for the rest of the season. It's not going to be a quick fix to undo damage done by MoPe & Hughes . Kids are playing and we're still picking up points.
  9. saintadjg


    I didn't think his was any worse than Kompany's challenge.
  10. Today again shows how unfit we are. The fitness levels at this club are terrible and that's going to take time to turn around.
  11. Most likely sit on the edge of our 6yd box for 45 mins hoping to see it out,conceding 2 late goals 1 around 5mins into stoppage time
  12. Best post I've seen on here. Didn't we miss 6 penalties that season? How many good chances did we miss over the season ,especially in first 10 or so games? I never liked our style of play under Koeman, I thought we played a lot of long ball football under him and could never understand why we mocked West Ham for doing the same.
  13. I'm be playing him regularly as i think he is one of our better players ,and the stats back that.He has more end product whether people care to believe it or not.
  14. I thought Hughes deserved a shot afyer keepinh us up.not because of a great run of results but how the players responded .saw more life in those few games than the rest of the season .However hicpntinued picking of Hoedt and Long is baffling. The commentators said he has 2 goals in 62 games for club and country ,that is beyond abysmal. If he can't see how useless these players are then he really needs to go.id be trying Forster up front before picking Long
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