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The 'Rickie Lambert story' the film. (Cast list)

Bad Wolf

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So just for a laugh, if they ever turn Rickie Lambert's story into a film, who would you cast?


Rickie Lambert - Arnold Switziganer

Markus Liebherr - John Larroquette

Katrina Liebherr - Pam Ferris

Rupert Lowe - Hugh Dennis

Nicola Cortese - Scott Cohen

Ralph Kruger - John Simm

Nigel Adkins - Hugh Laurie

Alan Pardew - Michael French

Mauricio Pochettino - Leonardo DiCaprio

Dean Wilkins - David Armand

Michael Fialka - Andrew Brooke

Roy Hodgson - Nicholas Ball

Adam Lallana - Tyger Drew Honey

Jose Fonte - Ralph Little

Luke Shaw - James Buckley

Jay Rodriguez - Jamie Borthwick

Kelvin Davis - Tom Welling

Brendan Rodgers - Ardal O'Hanlon

Rickie Lambert's father - Nicholas Lyndhurst

Rickie Lambert's mother - Dawn French

Rickie Lambert's grandmother - Maggie Smith

Rickie Lambert's wife: Sheridan Smith

Rickie Lambert's beetroot factory boss - John Challis

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