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Francis Benali at West Quay Waterstones this Saturday at 11am

Fitzhugh Fella

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With Father's Day this Sunday some of you might want to nip into Waterstones this Saturday, grab a copy of "All the Saints" and get Francis Benali (the man Cortese tried to ban) to sign it. I will be there helping to control the large crowd that is expected :)

Incidentally Charles Miller the Saint that introduced football to Brazil is on p133 and I am just off to do an interview with Solent which I believe will be aired tonight.

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When you say "tried to ban", does that mean that Franny managed to subvert it?


Did he go to games dressed up as someone else? Shimmy up a drain-pipe? Parachute in from a light aircraft? Become Mrs Doubtfire?


More importantly, are these antics in the book?

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What time is he there from/till?


He's from there until 11am, as per thread title.


You can fúck off if you're trying to jump the "getting questions answered" queue. As we can both see, I've already given FF some provoking and important questions to deal with :)

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