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Premier League Fantasy League

Saint Matty 76

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  • 4 weeks later...

Been looking for a league to join. Still waiting on the Saints Aussie Supporters to sort there's out.

Going for Tadic and Fonte in mine for now. Plenty of time for changes of course.










SUBS: Krul, Rosenior, Colback, Weiman


A bit **** but I will work on it.

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Here's the SaintsWeb Sun Dream Team league pin to join: 8052823


And have a bash at this one...


http://signup.fantasyfootballrivals.com/ and use the key 10094674


It's quite a unique fantasy football game for a number of reasons....;




Team selection - formations


Managers can choose to play:







Squad sizes


Your minimum squad must have enough to field a starting XI, so a GK, 4 defenders, 3 midfielders and a striker

Max squad size is 18. How you select your remaining players is entirely up to you.

Will you go all in on XI Galacticos, or build a squad with strength and depth

Be careful though you are stuck with that squad until the next transfer window

Check out Damian Morian's blog for tips


Buying Players - The Auction


Players are bought through an online auction and each manager has £60m available to spend

Each player can only play for one team per league so every manager's squad is different

Each auction has a number of rounds as players are bought and money is spent

Every player has a reserve price which is the minimum amount managers can bid for a player

At the start of each round, managers submit a bid on each of the players they are interested in

Highest bid wins and the successful manager signs the player

Managers cannot see other bids - so think carefully about your bid price

If two managers submit the same highest bid, the winner is determined by a pre-set bidding priority which changes each round

If a manager fails to sign a player (i.e. loses the auction), funds are returned and can be used in the next round

The auction finishes when all squads are full, all managers have run out of money or no-one wants to place any more bids


Player Points scoring

All players


Starting appearance 2 pts

Sub appearance 1 pt

Goal scored 5 pts

Assist / Key contribution 3 pts

Red card -3 pts

Yellow card -1 pt

Missed penalty -2 pts

Own goal -3 pts


Additional points for keepers & defenders only


Full match

Clean sheet 4 pts

1 goal conceded 0 pts

Additional goal conceded -1 pt

Part match

Clean sheet 2 pts

1 goal conceded 0 pts

Additional goal conceded -1 pt

Keepers only

Penalty save 5 pts


Transfer windows and selling


As in real football there is the opportunity to change your squad throughout the season during transfer windows

The League Chairman is responsible for setting the transfer windows

During transfer windows, managers are able to sell owned players back to the market

The selling price is the higher of the player's reserve price and half the price paid during the auction

For example, pay £20m for a player who has a £4.5m reserve, and you will get £10m when you sell him

However, pay £8m for the same player and you will get £4.5m when you sell him

Players sold back to the market will be available for purchase by all managers during the next bidding round

The reserve price remains unchanged throughout the season

Buying players is the same process as during the pre-season auction

Only unallocated players are available

Each manager keeps his squad, unless he chooses to sell some players

Funds from selling players are available in that round to fund player purchases

We are intending to introduce manager to manager transfers later in the season - please be patient with us!


Head to head fixtures


Just like in real football, every game week each manager will go head to head against another manager

The winner is the team whose players score the most points during the fixture ("Points Scored")

As in real football, a win get 3pts, a draw 1pt and nothing for losing

League tables are based on number of team points, with total Points Scored (e.g. assists, goals etc.) the decider

Fixtures are decided by the FFR team and are allocated randomly

The number of teams in a league will determine, the number of times each manager plays another and the number of Premiership matches in each fixture (i.e. some fixtures will be 1 week long, some 2 week long)

If there is an odd number of teams in a league, each week one team will play an virtual "average team" which is based on the performance of the other teams in your league. Still 3 pts for a win etc.


The Role of the League Chairman


The League Chairman has responsibilities for running each private league

By default, The Chairman is the manager who setup the league, but responsibilities can also be awarded to other managers

The Chairman is responsible for inviting managers to join the league, deciding upon transfer windows and running the auction

There is no cap on the number of teams in a league but we wouldn't recommend more than 20, any more than this and managers will run out of starting XI players to buy

Transfer windows can be at any time but we recommend during FA Cup weekends or International breaks to give time for multiple bidding rounds

We recommend at least two windows, after 31 August, once the Premiership transfer window closes, and after 31 January when the Premiership January transfer window shuts.


Running the auction


The Chairman closes each bidding round through the Auctions panel

Once each round has closed players will be allocated and funds spent by managers

All bids are final, the Chairman must therefore make sure that everyone who wants to make bids has had the opportunity to do so

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I'm in the Sun one, bit confused by the Rivals one, but I'm in anyway - looks interesting!


Also doing SkyPsorts with SocialMedia mates, Yahoo with friends around the world (the only one that seems to be available in different countries) and the Telegraph one at work. I have chosen the same team (where possible) so it wont get TOO confusing.


Premierleague official one kicked me out after asking for a fiver, and I couldn't be arsed to try and do it all again (passport no?! FFS) Sorry!

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