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  1. Jesus that feels like years ago already.
  2. I read about 17-thousand. Boutique.
  3. Let's go Brentford! That should be Swansea done for now. Couldn't find three more boring promotion candidates than Swansea, Fulham, and Cardiff.
  4. I reckon a guaranteed six points *touch wood* is pretty useful.
  5. Kinda hoping Villa stay up now. They'll still be awful next season anyway, which is useful for us.
  6. Watching this game and am reminded what the hell happened to Calum Chambers. Then saw he has a knee injury. Six years at Arsenal and he's barely played a full season's worth of games. We did well there.
  7. 100% agree with all of this
  8. There's a less than zero chance of that happening I'd say
  9. Everton are absolute trash. Watch them cruise through us. 3-0 Toffees.
  10. There's not many better ways to start the weekend than with a Saints win. I can think of one, and I did that last night as well!
  11. Well it does say no trophy awarded, so they would probably have nothing to complain about.
  12. Now a Chelsea player. No way games get played this weekend.
  13. I think we could safely assume the Dippers would win the league at this point, but your overall assertion is correct. They'd just have to scrub the season, and start again (hopefully) in August with the same 20 teams. It's the fairest way.
  14. https://www.arsenal.com/news/club-statement-covid-19 Probably going to see games stopped pretty soon.
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