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  1. There's not many better ways to start the weekend than with a Saints win. I can think of one, and I did that last night as well!
  2. Well it does say no trophy awarded, so they would probably have nothing to complain about.
  3. Now a Chelsea player. No way games get played this weekend.
  4. I think we could safely assume the Dippers would win the league at this point, but your overall assertion is correct. They'd just have to scrub the season, and start again (hopefully) in August with the same 20 teams. It's the fairest way.
  5. https://www.arsenal.com/news/club-statement-covid-19 Probably going to see games stopped pretty soon.
  6. Inevitable that the league will be at least suspended. Quite likely it will be shutdown altogether.
  7. Finally seeing one of those great Anfield nights people talk about.
  8. Not in a million years. Awful decision.
  9. We were at 43% in early November. I'd say were trending just fine to avoid the drop. As for being a decent side, that's a totally different question.
  10. Well it'll either be 3,4, or now. As expected. Beat Norwich next week and that'll be about right.
  11. Wish you'd go back to sleep you repetitive clown
  12. Was hard to see I guess, what with him staring right at it and all.
  13. I thought we wanted vocal fans didn't we? Wasn't that a thing people talked about. Let them boo the ref. They pay their money for that right.
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