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  1. Should call the tournament off. Who really cares after this!
  2. Should have taken jwp for his set pieces alone, can't see where phillips is better than him at anything really. Four right backs too!
  4. He is and his distribution is also worse than macca which takes some doing.
  5. Streaky

    20/21 Kit

    I liked the sky blue away one but I'm a weirdo for kits.
  6. I know right and don't get me started on Tella, some games he's not as good as in others. Really makes me mad.
  7. Errr its djenepo today
  8. We should be a top half team at least and maybe not lose 9 0 so often 😉
  9. We need a massive clear out in the summer and if that means ings and vestagaard have to be sold so be it. The whole club is in a rut.
  10. He's shit, forster by far is the better keeper. Why ralph doesn't see it sums him up. Ralph needs to go or we will be relegated next season
  11. They really know how to look after the fans don't they. Getting fed up with the constant money grabbing from saints and the Premier league. Football without fans is nothing!
  12. Yeah was it not under Strachan when we were flying, last minute winner?
  13. We had 2 on target 1st half
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