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  1. For me tella is miles better than Elyounoussi and showed what an asset he is for us last season. He was only gonna get better with more game time. Unfortunately Ralph hasn't got a clue what his best team is let alone how to go about beating teams tactically. Tella must be wondering what he's done wrong and if it's worth sticking around. What a waste of a real talent.
  2. Of course we can get rid of him. We just sell prowse to make up for it. How much would it cost to sack him 8 to 10 million?
  3. Nice cross for the goal the only c around here is you!
  4. Matt targett not having a great season. Think we did well to get what we did for him.
  5. Me too I love this club and that will never change.
  6. Don't think prowsey has been in great form this season. The rest will do him good in my opinion. Diallo is far more dynamic than prowse. Romeu and Diallo compliment each other better for me.
  7. Redmond was good today and set up the goal. You are ridiculous.
  8. Should have been more but that will give us confidence going forward. Really important win. Especially for Ralph.
  9. Always loved ekelund shame saints wanted him to have back surgery
  10. Shame he doesn't play that well for us. Been below average this season. Maybe broja to start against Leeds? Oh actually ralph will pick redmond, silly me.
  11. Career wise it is. Why do man u go straight to the super league and we have to go through years of whiping crap teams to get there.
  12. How much has ralph spent since he's been here. Not just this season. I take it you don't look at match stats. Chelsea battered us. 1st half was as bad as I can remember under hassenhuttl. Worse than Bournemouth at home when he played cedric at left back. The guy doesn't know what his best team is. Leeds and Burnley will be looking forward to playing us that's for sure.
  13. An average Premier league team doesn't get relegated. With ralph in charge we will be relegated this season. He's spent alot more money than most teams in and around us yet we play worse football and get worse results. We are so boring to watch.
  14. Hope so 🙏. The fact he plays kwp at left back and redmond and not tella shows he doesn't know what he's doing.
  15. Do we even press anymore. Feel like we are a counter attacking team this season. Not seen much balls out football like the start of last season.
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