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Wanyama Sent Off for Kenya


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In non related way was just watching an interview (pre-world cup) on South Africa tv that Benni McCarthey did with Vic in his house (which they basically gave his exact address but wont repeat), I can conclude the following.


Benni 86 header keep ups v Vic's 46


Benni 52 foot keep ups v Vic's 22


Fortunately for us Benni told the audience him an Vic share the same agents so would be showing him some tricks (hopefully not how to gain weight).


On a more serious note basically reiterated that Vic was a level headed person and didn't go in for trendy footballer, had a range rover as his only big purchase (his parents are very modest) and his house was normal looking place which is fair considering he lives by himself.


He is awesome on Fifa (Benni wasn't), he was playing as Southampton as Vic and was also the penalty taker for us.


Said he loved it here and wanted to continue to improve.

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