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Pelle makes team of the season 14/15


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I liked the stat that showed he was 3 best striker in Europe after Messi & Ronaldo! :)


It's funny, but I am less excited about him than when Osvaldo arrived. A season on, and I look at Osvaldo with nothing but contempt, and I know that Pelle will do better than him. Just wonder whether the childlike excitement has been destroyed for good by the goings on this summer?? Anyway, one thing is for sure is that he will try a lot harder than Osvaldo. He has been over looked by Italy since U21, where he didn't score in 11 games, and he has now earned a move to a big stage. If he can perform here, then who knows what will happen to his international career? Just hope that thoughts of him being a late bloomer are true and that the Feyenoord ratio can be kept going. That would make me happy in a very childlike manner.

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