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Denis Hollywood the hardest Saints player ever


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Played against Denis in the Southampton Sunday League.


He was a bit slow by then and our right winger was a flying machine who could catch pigeons. First time he faced Denis, he knocked the ball behind him and scorched past him. Next time they got close, Denis said to him; "Don't do that again, son, you'll get hurt."


Sure enough, next time our guy had the ball he knocked it past Denis but as he went to round Hollywod, he took a half-step to his right, body-checked him and our guy went down as though he had run into Nelson's Column. He disappeared from the game after that.


One of the guys in our team said: "One of the blokes I work with is looking for a game. He used to play a bit." He was told to bring him along the following Sunday and Brian O'Neill turned up!


The opposition visibly used to quail when they saw Buddha trotting out in our line-up, but for his fearsome reputation he was a gentleman who actually cost us.


On a couple of occasions he pulled out of the sort of 50-50 challenge he would have thundered into in his Saints days, leaving the opponent in a heap.


When asked why he said: "People at this level don't know how to tackle properly. If I'd gone in on him full-force, I would have broken his leg, and we've all got to go to work tomorrow."

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