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  1. I'm sure you're a nice chap but I hope you are headless by November!
  2. That's the nice to watch style that we aspire to play...Diallo was far more like the player that he first looked on arrival. A good watch!
  3. Sad news - a class player who wanted to play, wanted to win and was a big part of both, our early days in the First Division and my early supporting life. I always thought that we were very fortunate to have him...and I think when he was at his best....RIP Jimmy, thanks for some fantastic memories!
  4. Was his head already on the mat? https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/56485742
  5. Et tu Trousers?! Ralph wants him in it works for me....! Some wonderful hysteria, apoplexy, 'expert' analysis in this thread! :-)
  6. Whatmough the skate white hope nutmegged by Sam Gallagher (I think) in their 7-0 Youth Cup mauling a few years back...nice to see he has lived up to that early promise! 😇
  7. The Telegraph is not 'a reliable source' - happy to help!
  8. Is there a 9 in the year then..?
  9. dronskisaint


    Very pleased - adds calm quality when he is playing...glad he has shown the commitment.
  10. My Amazon Prime keeps freezing and blurring..anyone recommend a feed please? COYR!!
  11. I didn't know him but remember that incident when walking to the Northam Tunnel - I think it was after we'd been mugged by Villa....Condolences to the family, sad to lose a family member at any time but this is particularly cruel.
  12. Saints win....control the controllables - as a fine manager said before he got on the bus and drew a blue line under it! :-)
  13. A million pounds could buy PFC 2012 Ltd at least 50 times over and still leave you change...their begging bowl should be very appreciative!
  14. Can you imagine how frustrating it would be to draw the skunts? I still want to...at St Mary's, ideally just to humiliate them still further but not being able to go would be purgatory!
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