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John D

PS3 or PS4 help

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My daughter wants a PS3 for Christmas so she can play minecraft and Fifa etc. She wants to play online with friends so wants a PS3 as they have them. With the PS4 now available my questions are:


Can you play online Minecraft \ Fifa on a PS4 with people who are on a PS3?


How long will games etc be about on the 3?


I can get a PS3 on eBay for about £100 but am wondering whether should go straight to a 4 as will end up having to upgrade in a year anyway


Any thoughts?





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After a quick bit of research it seems PS4 can play online with PSVITA, but NOT PS3. So if all her friends have a PS3 and she only cares about playing with them, then a PS3 is your best bet.


And don't worry about the longevity of PS3, they'll be making games for it for years to come yet. They were still releasing games on PS2 fourteen years after release, to give you some idea.

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