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New office work shoes needed


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Where do people buy their formal work shoes from? I need a new set of black ones in an oxford style or similar.


Previously I have purchased online from places like Samuel Windsor for less than £50 and they seem better than what you would get for the same price in M&S as they are more sturdy and have leather soles. But can take a bit of time to wear in as the leather tops are quite "robust". They last quite well though.


But I'm wondering whether to splash out on more expensive ones like Loakes or Churchs which at £200 or more are at least four times the price.


Samuel Windsor at http://www.samuel-windsor.co.uk/shop.cfm/designer-shoes/black-shoes/73/6608


Various posh brands at http://www.herringshoes.co.uk/


Any views?

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I have a pair of Barkers which cost about £130. I've had them six years and still wear them regularly. They have been re-soled about three times, I think, which costs around £70 independently (ie. at somewhere like French and Sons).


To be honest, if I buy a £50 pair of shoes from M&S or Samuel Windsor, I'm unlikely to pay for re-soling or the like and the leather is unlikely to wear as well - so you're looking at probably a year or so of use. I don't think the more expensive shoes are a false economy if you are prepared to look after them over time (based on my continued use of the Barkers).


I'm not sure I would pay much more than the £100 mark though. Churches etc. are more like £300 I thought?

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