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Canadian Saints

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I thought that both ex-pat Canadian Saints (like me), or Canadian-born Saints could use their own forum. We need one, because as everyone knows, Canadians are awesome. Canadian Saints are even greater than awesome and are therefore thoroughly deserving of their own thread. So I thought I'd give it a go, since I can't find one on here already. It might be a good place to talk about where to watch upcoming games, or we could even talk about how great Connor McJesus is. Not that I'm biased at all. Or I could just end up talking to myself, which is fine.

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The guys (and girls) from SouthamptonFC Canada will be heading to the Right Wing Sports Bar - 2497 Yonge Street.


I think the name is a food reference rather than a political one..


'The choice is all yours at the Right Wing Sports Pub where you can indulge in 38 different sauces on your jumbo wings half-price on Mondays. Not up for wings? Design your own burger or salad with more than 20 options apiece. With 20 flat screens across the bar, there’s no fear of missing a second of the game, even when playing pool or ping pong in the party room downstairs. Wing fiends who think they’ve seen it all should try and take on The Exorcist, if they dare.'

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In the below article, the writer seems to think that both TSN and SN have lost the rights to broadcast PL games next season in Canada, to the online sports subscription service DAZN. It’ll be a bit of an end of an era, particularly for SN, which pioneered the broadcasting of live PL games in the late 1990’s after the gloomy days of being stuck with the odd highlights one week after the fact on TSN’s Soccer Saturday...



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Regarding DAZN, yes I would expect they will lose viewers. However DAZN has managed to get the rights to pretty much any football worth watching and will have 100% of EPL games.



This is not good as not everyone who currently watch EPL in Canada will pay to watch the games on DAZN. In my opinion, EPL will lose viewers.


I remember saying similar things when Setanta (remember them?) secured the rights way back when. I can’t see any result other than PL losing viewers again.


I don’t subscribe to SportsWorld now (not worth the money in my book) but I’ll subscribe to DAZN next season. Might get to watch some other football like the Championship, and the odd cricket match. Hopefully the service has ironed out the technical bugs that caused its acquisition of NFL Sunday Ticket to cause an outcry among Canadian NFL fans. The DAZN sucks Twitter feed is still going...

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I visited the garden centre in Winnipeg wearing one of my Saints jerseys and a guy grabbed me, looking at the SFC badge, and said "I can't believe it" then walked away.  

I have absolutely no connection to the city of Southampton but I threw my lot in with them 30+ years ago and stayed with them.

I've had DAZN since they got the rights and think it has been worth the money.  I like that I can watch every SFC game when I want plus the highlights option for every other game is cool.  This year was not as enjoyable watching Saints.

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I don’t know if anyone will see this, seems a quiet thread!

Does DAZN show a decent number of championship matches? Thinking of signing up for next season. Can’t tell from their site as I’m not a subscriber.



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