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  1. UN-.F........ING BELIEVABLE! I have really lost my sense of humour...how the. F can Ralph be smiling after that shambolic defence of a lead with 11 v 10. HOW? HOW? Attack is the best form of defence - when will we learn. WHEN. Just not good enough. Now we lose to Arsenal with no Salisu or Romeu.
  2. Hmmm, interesting - but that is just one week and midfield aerial battles from punts upfield...his headed goal for Leicester was his first headed goal out of the 70 or 80 he's scored apparently - says it all.
  3. Is it right we haven't scored a goal from open play in the last 30 minutes of any game this season? Thought I heard that from a DAZN commentator on the Leicester game. There is definitely a second-half drop-off effect with us that every opposing manager must know. Is it a lack of fitness? Too energetic / exhausting high pressing early on in games (when we score most of our...very few....goals). If we could play two decent high=pressing halves of football we'd win. Think we'll edge Brighton 2-1. Armstrong and Adams playing on the ground (no point in high crosses unless Broja is
  4. Onwards. Early goal killed it - did others notice our win percentage chance was 2% after Liverpool's first goal! We needed Liverpool to be off their game and for us to play at the top of ours to get anything out of this - unfortunately they were on absolutely top form and pretty much everything fell for them. Their second goal would have been called back for handball if it were us - that's how it goes. Hindsight is a wonderful thing - I'm not afraid to admit I was happy to see our 'crazy' formation before kick-off - told me we were going to try to take it to them, yet still have fiv
  5. Agree with all this. I'd give Forster a chance to pull off one of those special performances - McCarthy deserves to be dropped after those two weak goals against Norwich. We still need a new keeper. The game will be determined more by Liverhampton than us...if they turn up gung-ho we'll lose 0-3 or worse...if they have a Euro hangover, or just can't be bothered we might battle out a 0-0 draw. Would love to see us do a Watford all the same.
  6. I said this before the start of the season. Can only think the contract situation with Forster blocked goalkeeping options? No excuse now. I have had time to settle about today's terrible second half performance and I'm still angry. Taking Adams off for Walcott was criminal...and Romeu the rock too...madness. Too many bad performances all round. But we let Norwich win a game we should have won comfortably. Worries me that these dropped points and lost momentum will cost us. Apparently the average end of season position is 2.6 places up or down from where you are after 11 games.
  7. OMG - that was terrible! I'm so angry. We've had some bad second halves but that has to be the worst ever. Some of our worst performances of the season. McCarthy terrible. Dialio terrible. KWP terrible. Walcott - seriously? Ralph - wtf were those substitutions...I get Broja for Elyenoussi who was also terrible...but Walcott, c'mon...take off Romeu? Lyanco is fine but why do that. When we knew we'd likely have control. of the ball why wouldn't you feature Redmond, S. Armstrong or Djenepo - some serious questions here about selection. TERRIBLE!
  8. First goal will be huge. Think Norwich will be up for this and put high energy in to impress their new manager - hopefully we will more than match them and not be complacent. If we score first...then...add a second (yes, I know we don't do insurance goals)...I reckon that will be enough to put them back in their box.
  9. Yes, you're right - that's what I meant.
  10. Hmmm. Before the new manager thing I'd have said 0-3 or 1-4. Now I'm less certain. Let's see who comes back fit from the international break (with the chorus on this - waaaay too many bloody international breaks at the moment - not interested). Last game against Villa was revealing. Armstrong way off the pace. Livramento had his worst game by a mile - let's hope it was just a temporary blip. We missed Redmond's creativity whatever the Redmond-haters on here think. JWP...works hard but putting every corner into the 6-yard box is becoming predictable for opposition goalies (they've even reh
  11. OMG that was TORTURE! Classic us...should've been out of sight at half-time...9 shots on goal 1 on target says it all... Looked very leggy second half. Can't understand why Ralph waited so long to sub Elynoussi off, although S Armstrong had one of his worst caemos and is still clearly not match fit. Even the DAZN commentator was saying Che Adams was tired with 20 minutes to go...and we were struggling to hold the ball up top - why on earth not bring Tella on and defend by attacking?! McCarthy man of the match - made a match-winning save at the end. Happy we got the points, but m
  12. Not sure how I feel after that. Writing this without reading thread to not be influenced by it. Exciting game. Can't help but feel that was two points dropped rather than one gained. Their second goal came at the exact wrong time and in exact wrong manner - am I the only one that thinks McCarthy should've done better? Burnley better than their league position suggest but so are we...all these draws are going to kill us if we can't convert them into wins. Redmond played well, but that mis...arrrgh! Mistake to start Walcott instead of S. Armstrong. Adams miles off the pace.
  13. Phew...so happy we won that one! Had to work this morning so watched the replay on DAZN....had that 'seen this movie before' feel and I was just waiting for Leeds to score a flukey deflection with their first shot on target...or to equalize in extra time...so thankful that didn't happen. We were totally dominant. Broja and Salisu beasts...Romeu too...Redmond played really well...Tino always good but not his best game and looked spent after 75 mins. Important win and hopefully will push on from here. As commentators said we've had to work really hard for our points. We do need more
  14. Very good balanced post. I only watched the second half and thought we played well until the red card changed the game. Yes we have challenges - top third goal chances and conversion being the main one - but Hasenhutl is not one of them. Everybody seems to discount we've played 4 of the top 5 clubs, 5 of the top 7... We've had two bad halves this season..Everton away first game second half and Wolves at home first half. Otherwise Ralph has generally managed the team well. The next run of games is hugely important so it's a real shame we won't have the consistency of JWP in those crucial g
  15. So what's the mood about no JWP for the next how many games?
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