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  1. I just have to post for the record. I am sooooo happy we made it to the top of the table - gives me real joy. I had to think where I was in 1988 - in the ad world in London - just before leaving the UK for Singapore...been a few places since. I'm now in Vancouver and have only got to see the Saints live a couple of times at away games on visits. Was a regular at the Dell. Happy to report my eldest son is a Saints fan (never pushed him - the club chose him)...and his nearly 2-year old has just been ordered his first Saints kit for Christmas...hope the wand picks him too. I'm sure the olo's
  2. Haven't got anything different to add - just wanted to put my twopence in for the record that I think that was the best all-round performance I've seen in Hasenhutl's time. Totally in control of that game. should have scored more. Everyone saying Everton played badly but it was all about us - they couldn't touch us today.
  3. Yes Ottawa, was going to say the same - don't you get DAZN? Get the looby crowd going. Very happy with that second-half performance and result. Great to be the team scoring just before half-time and in extra time for a change!
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