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Any other fans out there?


The great Ed China is leaving (see his announcement on Youtube).


Apparently the American producers wanted to reduce the amount of detailed workshop content which is an integral part of the show, Ed disagreed and has decided to go his own way.


Mike Brewer will continue with a new mechanic.


I thought that it started to go downhill when they moved it to the States and, with Ed gone, I can't see it being nearly as good.

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Yeah, I quite liked watching it over here in the US. It's on TV a lot and is obviously popular hence the reason the Americans wanted to steal it. Agree though, that it lost it's appeal and turned to crap after the switch. Don't blame Ed for leaving at all.


Death threats? LOL...


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Mike brings car back to workshop, toots horn. Ed, hiding behind door immediately steps out and utters surprise at the car. Same format every episode.


Yeah, it''s obviously all staged and their "profits" take no account of Ed's labour but I found the mechanical aspects interesting and also being old enough to remember most of the "classic" cars when they they were first made.

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