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the shock of the lightening

Saint Keith

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oh dear :(


5 things to say about this


1) I dont think it will ever be in anyone's top 10 oasis songs

2) 12 years ago it wouldnt even have been a b side

3) it sounds like a remix of I Can See A Liar, which was a poop track off only a half decent album

4) if this is the best song of the album, its going to be ****e

5) it really wasnt worth the wait and anticipation

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Im more surprised Noel didnt just quit years ago and go the Paul Weller route.


Weller of course spent a number of years in the pop wilderness before coming back with Wildwood et al. I'm one of thoses who wished he hadn't bothered.


I reckon NG will do an Ashcroft. Release a couple of turgid bland slabs of MOR and then briefly reform the band. He'll finally find a niche as a washed up pundit on sky sports with the likes of Joey Barton.

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