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Xbox Live thread


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Thread for everything to do with Live, like new releases, gamertags, the service etc.


If anyone wants to add me, its academygaz, but I don't say much as my headset mic is fubar'd. Plus I'm a stalker, so I just listen to convo's. :D



Forza 2

Fifa 08 (if I get it back from my brother)



Random thought, has anyone played a Live Arcade game more than a few minutes? I have with Streets Of Rage 2, but not much else.

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Agent Andrews83



Moved house recently and haven’t got a telephone line sorted yet or internet but hope to be back online within 4 weeks so please still add me or do not delete me as I will be back online soon.


Will be playing Beijing Olympics and TNA Impact when it comes out + Fifa 09.

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