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  1. That simply has to be a wind up?! surely
  2. Isn't that a PL thing rather than FL?
  3. I've got a fiver on the skates to lift the cup, £5 on over 6.5 and £15 on over 4.5. I also have a ticket in the Chelsea end.
  4. Watch the city - birmingham game safely in the knowledge that Chelsea will win the cup.
  5. They didn't half sign some **** in the summer. Is this extra 1.5m for Williamson on top of the 3m they signed him for or part of that 3m? if they end up paying 4.5m for him then well....
  6. Martin Craine with the **** up for the goal, well played you ****.
  7. Now he's got a centre half up front and his two strikers out wide. Tactical genius, just give Pompey all the attackinng emphasis.
  8. If they go into admin, I really doubt they would have a rosie outcome like we did. I hope they don't go out of business, would be boring with them. A good 5-10 years of dropping down the football leagues while they suffer for their cup final win would be great.
  9. Think we went down on either 30 or 33.
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