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  1. I'd take Jones. He had some long term injuries , fair enough but I think he's been fit for a while now but can't get back into the united side so he's not getting the chance to do anything. Obviously he needs to be fit enough to play but if he is then I think he'd be a great signing. Fergie always rated him extremely highly and he was a regular for England. I agree with some others that he might go the West Ham route and get paid a hundred grand a week, but if we are prepared to take a chance we could be a good fit. I'm sure he'd have a beneficial effect on the entire squad not just the
  2. To be fair to Diallo he is still a very young kid. He moved to a different country and culture and may not have known anyone. He had a lot to adjust to, not least of all PL football. At his age there is every reason to hope that his confidence and physique will grow. I don't remember Schneiderlin being particularly brilliant the moment he arrived from Le Havre although he was a bit younger at the time. Don't underestimate how much time it takes to feel like you fit and are at home in unfamiliar surroundings. I think Diallo could fill out and be a really good player for us this year
  3. Our clearing header - Stephens was it? Drops 4 yards outside the box straight to a Liverpool player with no Saints player anywhere near. Two passes later and it's in our net. FFS. We look so weak at times. We start next season anything like we've finished this season and we will be f ucked.
  4. Tella is in and playing in front of Stephens which does worry me. Now don't go nuts , it's just an innocent question but what is it that Tella does? I've seen him several times now, and people seem to think he has what it takes. I've heard comments that he's very quick but what sort of player is he? I genuinely haven't seen him produce anything so far other than snatching at a couple of good chances. Is he a winger or going to be a central striker? I should caveat this with the fact I know he's a young player and finding his feet. Im not having a go, I'm just wondering what his str
  5. Moura and Son both stood on the penalty spot unmarked. Shambolic.
  6. Why on earth would Ralph think that Redmond should start up front ahead of Adams. If I were Adams I'd be furious.
  7. This team is drilled to keep the ball. Unfortunately that's at the cost of actually taking risks and creating something. Retention is more important apparently.
  8. Walcott working on the principle that he can't do anything wrong if he does nothing at all.
  9. We are at home against the second worse team in the division. We really should be beating this lot if we put in a half decent performance. Ralph needs to send them out fired up and not lethargic in the first half.
  10. Thats the point. We can moan about pens all we like but if we are incapable of kicking the ball at their goal we aren't going to win are we.
  11. Clinton Morrison saying Shane Long needs to add goals to his game 🙄 Hes 35 Clinton. If he can't do it by now I dont think he's going to change .....
  12. I agree. Bertie seems really lazy and shows no real ambition to get forward. They give him the ball from CB and he just passes it straight back, and stands still. He used to bust a gut to get forward.
  13. Id love to see Djnepo actually do something positive!!
  14. It was gutting. Regardless if we deserved it we were 2-0 up. In the first half we did what we do. We chased and harried and looked to get forward when we had the ball. We had a few lucky escapes but we also caused them problems. Then second half, just like Villa, we came out and played differently. Whereas in the first half we looked for a forward pass, we were suddenly turning back thinking we'd retain the ball. It just meant that instead of having the ball between our midfield and strikers, we were playing most passes between our defence and midfield. United sensed we were scared to go
  15. Let's be honest, it all comes down to money. If your owner has limited funds, runs to tight budgets, or wants to be self sustaining then you are going to be bottom half. If your owners spend you'll be top ten. Yes there are the odd exceptions and some of those last for a season or two but overall that's the way it is. Everton weren't very good, spent money and are now at the top. Villa the same. So if we get anyone that it basically using other people's money then we will get more of the same as we have now. If we ever find a billionaire who is determined to compete then we c
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