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  1. Having watched the game last night and seeing Spurs throw away the match, I am certain we will cause them problems. They haven’t played that well for a few weeks and have been getting a lot of luck. We will be bang up for it, Ralph will be up for it and the stadium will be up for it. City should win and be 2 points clear again and Liverpool will have to go for it. That plays into our hands. They’ll be nervy. It’s going to be a hard game no doubt but we can cause an upset. It has the potential to be a special night!
  2. No, I said that was the rumour down there.
  3. Told you all before, Berty has an awkward/special attitude. Champions League winner....
  4. Yep, that’s right. He’s a diva. Ralph doesn’t do divas. As I say, only whispers.
  5. Austin has left. Don’t crucify me but the talk is of a rumour Berty is off tomorrow. Just passing on what has been said.
  6. Everyone needs to stop crying. Another point towards safety and a point against a decent team when we didn’t play that well. It’s not easy having an extended break with no game. We go again.
  7. Frustrating but in the cold light of day, staying up is all that matters. We drew the 90 minute match 2-2. 7/8 1st teamers we’re out and this gives Ralph more time on the training pitch. They can jet off to Spain for a week during the next round. Annoying but move on.
  8. Yes, I have Personally, I think you’re the end of a bell. Don’t need to justify anything to anyone. I just pass on what I get told. However, am happy to tell the mods my sources if they so wish.
  9. Yes. He’s having a paddy. He’s got the hump. Armband has been taken off him and he’s acting up. He’s a trouble maker.
  10. Bertrand doing a Van dijk to us. He’s not injured, he’s got the hump. Lost the armband. Without him if he decides so.
  11. A few tibits I’ve been told - It’s been going on a while, Hughes was getting the bullet whenever we got him. Atmosphere at the club was horrid under Hughes. Very detached from first team. Bertrand a bad influence. Often late for training and acts like he owns the place. Austin similar. Massive ego. Redmond not great around the place. Ralph has banned all player apprences this week. He’s also banned anyone bar coaches watching the training sessions. He’s a disciplinarian and strict.
  12. Slattery has been training with the 1st team. He was in the training video they released yesterday or whenever it was.
  13. SFC-TID!

    Hughes OUT

    I know most on here are sceptical, can’t say I blame them. Will tell you what I’ve heard - Hughes will not be going anywhere anytime soon. Got told about 4pm, only just had time to post. Board want him to work. Source is a close enough to 1st team to know. Just passing on what I’ve been told.
  14. Well, sack Hughes tonight for a start. Obafemi has to start, he makes things happen. Get shot of Austin, Cedric and Hoedt.
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