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  1. Great effort on defence. Really happy for FF, a huge win for him. Diallo was brilliant too. I swear the 2nd half was 100 minutes long
  2. I think its crap the the arms, etc. matter on offsides. It should be completely by the feet position
  3. Ings is worrisome. I hope its nothing serious. May need to sit him until he's completely healthy
  4. Wow, they just showed a stat saying Hojberg is the only player to play every minute for the Spurs this season
  5. Feels strangely good to play so poorly, and still sleepwalk to a 2-0 win. Got used to seeing others do this to us in the past
  6. That's it then. SHU haven't scored 2 goals all season
  7. Fulham playing a 5-5-0 setup now, LOL
  8. I didn't think we played well even when ahead. Poor all around.
  9. Strange half, but I will take it. Still don't feel we are playing that well, but who cares when its 2-0. I guess all we need are a few JWP set plays and we are good
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