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  1. Really like the kit, a big fan of the slash. The only thing that bugs me is the Chinese lettering.
  2. 94th minute, and still they are harping on the 9-nil
  3. I think the MOM has to be God, its the only explanation for what I am watching 😀
  4. City fans must be pulling their hair out over all the chances
  5. Looked even better on the replay. One touch and perfect
  6. Still talking about 9-nil, 13 minutes in
  7. I'd love to see both Villa and WHU go down
  8. Thought City would be looking past Liverpool today knowing we were on deck 😀
  9. striker

    Obafemi or Adams?

    Agree with all the above. Adams is a much better player, and just needs a little luck. Obafemi hasn't impressed
  10. I'm really hoping he's had enough of the "big club" minutes battle. He had it before, but here he is the guaranteed striker. After a while that is worth more than a few more quid.
  11. Today it was 7 minutes into match when it was mentioned, that is longer than normal. Usual its mentioned in warm ups.
  12. LOL - we can even borrow those headshots of their fans for the front rows
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