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  1. Ok, who voted for Redmond for MOM? Fess up.
  2. excellent half, outside of Redmond. Replace him at the half.
  3. Why not wait until tomorrow to put the flag up?
  4. We are playing well, Redmond aside of course
  5. I like out new kits, but the socks bother me. The big red and white stripes look very "Dr Seuss" like.
  6. Great reaction after going down 0-2. We were the better side the last 60 minutes. Definitely take the point at Chelsea
  7. Vestergaard needs to grow his hair longer again, much more intimidating. Right now he looks like a teenager.
  8. Redmond doesn't look like he feels like being out there. Bednarek again, Walker-Peters late
  9. Great hustle by Adams there. Ripping CHelsea up now
  10. Good way to finish the half. Long way to go in this match
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