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  1. Rooting for the Swiss, and there it is!
  2. 2nd the comments on Periera from WBA. He is a future star and easily the best player on WBA
  3. Massive massive result for Fulham. Definitely like them to stay up over Brighton and Newcastle.
  4. Yep, looks like Armstrong is in the middle
  5. SHU, WBA, and Fulham have relegation already wrapped up. If you are not playing for Europe spots it is a dull end to the season
  6. Weak call. Could have gone either way, certainly not on purpose but arm should have been down
  7. Great effort on defence. Really happy for FF, a huge win for him. Diallo was brilliant too. I swear the 2nd half was 100 minutes long
  8. I think its crap the the arms, etc. matter on offsides. It should be completely by the feet position
  9. Ings is worrisome. I hope its nothing serious. May need to sit him until he's completely healthy
  10. Wow, they just showed a stat saying Hojberg is the only player to play every minute for the Spurs this season
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