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  1. I'm starting to like this new guy Walcott 👍
  2. I'm starting to like this new guy Walcott 👍
  3. Solid half, no complaints. Tough match, we can win though
  4. Fulham just performed the single worst PK attempt I Have ever seen. At the end of extra time Fulham is given a PK to tie the match. He barely reached the goalie, ha ha ha
  5. This is so true. I was watching and saying (to myself since no one else was around) what they hell are they doing? It looked like we were just passing the ball backwards with no ambition to go forward. What do I know.
  6. LoL - Also "Lock Him Up", meaning Ralf of course to a long term deal.
  7. I just can't believe we are in this position, just amazed. Who do you think we are going to play in the Champions League?
  8. This just unbelievable, even just for a day
  9. striker

    Injury Watch

    Ings does more than just score goals for us. How many assists has he had (I am to lazy to look but I know he's also assisted on at least a few of those 11 goals). Plus he draws the defence to him making guys like Adams get better chances. I'd sit him this week, giving him a nice resting period before he comes back
  10. I'm hoping if Ings was serious they would have walked him directly back into the locker room. Instead he sat on the bench.
  11. Also that is 13 out of our last 16 potential points. Go go go.
  12. I'm happy also. A win to go to second, no way I can be mad
  13. Glad there was not 8 extra minutes. Great win though. Fingers crossed on Ings
  14. Good thing there was not 8 extra minutes
  15. Up 3 in the 87th minute, think we can hold on?
  16. Walked off, hopefully just a knock
  17. Cmon, don't be hurt. The one player we can't afford to lose
  18. Redmond going off now, changed his mind
  19. Lets score 9 and shut up to commentators once and for all
  20. Oops, for those on delayed streams please ignore these statements
  21. This is crazy - is that 3 for 3 on set pieces?
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