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  1. If the amount of creditors has been inflated (as it seems from various listed creditors claiming they are no longer owed money) doesn't that mean that HMRC's percentage of the unsecured debt is most likely higher that 25%? Rather than simply listing all creditors that the club MAY owe money to based on invoices found, maybe the idea was to use that as an excuse to bump up the amount of money owed in order to push HMRC under the magic 25% number.
  2. I can't remember the figure for the Kaboul transfer, but lets say it was 5 Mill at a guess... then I think it worked like this. Spurs offered £5 Mill for Kaboul and Begovic. Begovic refused to sign a contract, but Spurs still paid the full amount on condition that if Begovic transferred to another club they get £1 of the transfer fee. I know it sounds stupid, but its the only way I can make sense out of it.
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