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  1. Oh fück off! NO! No way should we accept this.
  2. Because they have been better run and made better use of their resources than we have. It does not mean that they have more resources, unlike Liverpool, Man City, Man Utd, Chelsea, Spurs and Arsenal. Being able to spend £30m+ is what happens when you get a year of Champions League money and sell a few players for £50m+ instead of not making a big sale in three years and wasting money on players you can't give away. They aren't doing anything we aren't capable of, they don't have any structural advantages over us, if we are run well we will regularly be where they are, if they start being
  3. Why would he make a sideways move? 😂 Anyway... one potential problem for Ralph at another club would be patience... it took us a whole calendar year under him to start playing well and our new signings usually take a long time to adapt. Ralph may well be aware of this.
  4. I don't see him signing a new contract anytime soon either. Fortunately we don't need him to since the one he signed a month ago only ends in 2025.😂
  5. If a club is willing to pay a 10m transfer fee for a player under contract at another club, they will obviously be willing to pay a 5m signing-on fee for that same player if he available on a free transfer.
  6. Dennis Man of Steaua Bucharest. 22 year old left-footed right winger, 15 goals and 6 assists in 15 games this season and available for around 15 million euros. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2msWEHWLzkk
  7. He can do a job at left back and has actually played more there for Man Utd than at right back, but that's because it's where they needed him. He is a natural right back and not someone we would ever sign to be first choice left back. But as first choice backup for both positions I could see it, especially since Valery is looking like a write off making it our most pressing need. Right now our backup right back is either JWP or Stephens, neither solution is ideal.
  8. We will never have a right footed player as first choice left back, so no. More like bye bye Valery.
  9. Cartman

    Fans Forum

    Bertrand will be 32 at the start of next season and plays in a position where pace and stamina are very important, two of the first attributes to decline with age. We will need to replace him soon, new contract or not, and at his age any potential transfer fee wouldn't be much anyway.
  10. So he does... funny that, doesn't seem to have ever played LB in 153 matches at club level.
  11. KWP does play both sides, so what we really need is a new RB, even one who only plays on the right, since Valery looks a write off. As far as transfermarkt is aware, Maehle has only ever played on the right.
  12. Had a quick look at a few other teams' forums and one thing that stood out in among the praise for Ralph was that they don't rate our players. Personally I think they don't have a clue and hugely underrating them. While our current squad may not be at the level of ones Koeman had from 2014 to 2016, I think it is more or less comparable to Poch's 2013-14 team. Am I wrong here?
  13. Nope, transfermarkt.😂 I use the transfermarkt advanced search filter to draw up a shortlist of players for us, then stream their games. Amateur scouting for us is much more fun, the only Premier League football I watch is when we play. Been also watching AZ Alkmaar (Koopmeiners, Stengs), Dynamo Kiev (Tsygankov), Palmeiras (Gabriel Menino, Veron doesn't play much), Granada (Rui Silva), Guimarães (Edwards).
  14. My shopping list currently reads: Gonzalo Montiel - River Plate's 23 year old Argentina international RB, fast, high work rate, better at defending than attacking, out of contract next summer. One to target in January. Dominik Livakovic - Dinamo Zagreb's 25 year old Croatia first choice GK, very good all round. Krépin Diatta - Club Brugge's 21 year old Senegalese winger (usually on the right, can play on the left too), very fast, enormous work rate, good finisher, passing can be a bit iffy.
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