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  1. fichajes.net 😂 Ignore it. In other news, he has been given a 61 rating in FIFA 22 😂. It's hilariously bad, to put it into perspective, Valery's is 71. I expect his FM22 stats to be more accurate @Matthew Le God.
  2. Porto GK had a good game against Atletico. 21 years old so fits into our cradle snatching policy, called up to the recent Portugal squad and the best part... out of contract in 2022. His teammate Fábio Vieira, an attacking midfielder who was voted the best player in the under 21 euros is also out of contract in 2022.
  3. Agree. We should be offering him a 5 year deal now.
  4. Not saying it's pie in the sky, just more like pie at the top of the Burj Khalifa with the lifts out of service. Expect Inter Milan to be after a new GK next Summer.
  5. You would think he would go to a club higher up the food chain, turning down the first choice GK position at Ajax to join Saints would be unusual. When was the last time we signed a first choice player from a club of Ajax's stature? Celtic, Sporting and Feyenoord are below Ajax in the food chain, so not quite the same.
  6. Not a transfer so wasn't included in the article, but Forster's ridiculous contract was also in the Summer 2017. 2016-18 was an absolute car crash, our hands have been tied to such an extent because of those years that it's a minor miracle we haven't been relegated.
  7. Goalkeeper - 0/10 - No comment. Centre Back - 7/10 - Depends a lot on Lyanco being a hit, but if he is then it is one of the strongest positions in the squad. Full Backs - 10/10 - Gone from one of the weakest parts of the squad to by far the strongest. Top work. Midfield - 5/10 - Needed strengthening but not critical. Attack - 8/10 - Lost Ings but better depth and less injury prone. Looks good. Overall - 30/50 = 6/10
  8. According the site you got that from, Lyanco and Livramento were free transfers, so... yeah.
  9. 75k is what we would have been paying him last season. There is no way he is on that now.
  10. This. The "we are skint" argument is laughable when we had the money to sign Walcott who we didn't need, as is the argument that we have a fixed budget for goalkeepers and that we can't possibly increase it by decreasing the budget for outfield players. The money was there, we just decided not to spend it on a goalkeeper for some inexplicable reason.
  11. No. Goalkeeper is the top priority by far.
  12. Maybe we can get Strakosha for a packet of crisps in January. Out of contract in 2022 and didn't start for Lazio at the weekend.
  13. They are not, that's the point. Villa and Leeds having a better defensive record than us is because of Martínez and Meslier. In fact we defend better as a team than Leeds but are let down by McCarthy. Of the 109 GK to have played at least a third of the league minutes in the top 5 leagues McCarthy was rated at 103*. What I am getting at is this: our CB are much better at doing CB things than our GK are at GK things. Getting a decent GK will result in a bigger improvement to our defensive record than any CB we could realistically get. *Post-Shot Expected Goals minus Goals Allowed per
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