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  1. 'You couldn't make it up'. How many times has that phrase been used in this thread? Well, this whole, wonderfully unbelievable thread must surely have that as a subtitle. If you had told me over 5 years ago how this would have panned out I would have laughed at you but it is of course us who are laughing at the blue phew in the most incredible set of circumstances it would have been impossible to have imagined in 2009. Thanks to all contributors who have provided constant entertainment.
  2. I think you are wrong. That has got to be someone from here because: 1. He calls himself a skate (they wouldn't) 2. There is no mention of actually supporting them 3. It's spelt correctly 4. Far too insightful
  3. Of course, silly me. With 20,000 plus turning up every week I suppose they would have to close for safety reasons
  4. So are they sharing the car park then? Otherwise where will the Tesco customers park?
  5. Jose Baxter baby, jose Baxter oh oh oh Oh dear........
  6. Finally caught up after being pages behind for days. Loved the webchat - wondered if there were any genuine skates on there at all. Something has been puzzling me and I don't think it's been answered/discussed. The court case next week is to decide a date to decide how much FP is worth to then decide if PDT can take over. In mid-February Birch also has to go to court to request an extension to the administration. He will need to assure the court that progress has been made and there is likely to be a take-over. So, if the date to decide FP value is first and it is higher than PDT would lik
  7. Why would you get so upset by just being OFFFERED a Trust job?
  8. So 2500 kids are going to occupy seats that would otherwise have been empty. Win, win!! They 'pack the park' (well maybe not quite) and pocket £30k. Where's that facepalm when I need one...
  9. Just caught up with several days of this thread - is it too late for me to have the 24th July?
  10. As I understand it, the Football League hold their AGM from the 30th May-1st June by which time league clubs must be able to assure them they can fullfil their fixtures for the coming season. TB said that a vote for CVA2 would be held in 'early June'. Now unless it's on the morning of the 1st, I can't see how they can give the league any reassurance prior to this. Also, they have a week to offload their high earners otherwise there is no way they (Chanrai, Trust or break de bank) can come up with a credible business plan. Am I missing something here?
  11. It seems every time this thread goes quiet something BIG is just around the corner. Hopefully not long to wait for more excitement!.
  12. ‘We have looked back through the history books and cannot find any time that anyone has slept on the Fratton Park pitch. Feel free to comment.....
  13. Can't help but think that many of the Phew were caught in the frenzy of excitement (in their eyes) of having a share of P****y but now a few weeks down the line many will have had second thoughts about throwing a grand down a drain (one with fat in it no doubt). The more intelligent ones will have realised they will never see a return for their 'investment' and others will have been talked out of it by worried spouses. I would be surprised if half the pledges come to fruition - not that they would admit it.
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