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  1. Well, that was nice while it lasted 😩
  2. Should have been 5. I’ve seen Norwich play better football lately than Leicester have in the last half hour. Serious mentality issue to turn so bad and make so many awful mistakes after being so good for 60mins. Capitulation and possibly throwing away CL football along with it since they have Sheff Utd, Tottenham & Man Utd to end the season with.
  3. Everyone conspiring to get West Ham dragged back into the scrap and send them down 🤣
  4. McCarthy had eaten his Weetabix this morning, jeez. It’s like pinball in our box, we’re defending well, but getting quite a lot of luck and run of the ball too with these clearances..
  5. Who said we needed another ‘keeper? Just kept us in this match after a number of poor clearances.
  6. Maybe Fraser doesn’t care how he’s remembered as a footballer and just wants to rack up the cash for his retirement seeing as we are paying him a massive wad. Seems a lot of footballers are happy to see out remaining years not playing football and just collecting big pay cheques. If it were me, I would want people to look back at me in twenty years and talk about me how I were a top-class goalkeeper and try and make the most of playing at a top level while I still have the ability to, such a short career football is. The SPFL isn’t fantastic, but Celtic usually do well in the CL and will win trophies and he could make himself a cult hero with millions of fans up there, he’s already loved by them after some heroics last season. Who knows what his mentality is, but I doubt he’s going to get a game with us again, if it’s the playing he’s interested in he’s going to have to move on. I hope for Saints sake he will take a pay cut and we aren’t going to subsidise his moves for the remainder of his contract or it’s just going to hamper us for the next few transfer windows yet again.
  7. JWP. Was it ever in doubt?
  8. Aw man, that’s harsh on Bernarek. Just typical luck we have against Watford for this to end 2-2. Hope that changes today, damn.
  9. Going to be an awful transfer window this summer at this rate of scoring! Plenty of suitors for a Ings I’m sure. 1. Would he want to leave us? I’m hoping he’s happy at his boyhood club. but 2. Could or would the club turn down a massive offer? We love a wad of money.
  10. Kristoffer Ajer “to leave Celtic in the summer” Personally, think he’d be great for us if we could get a deal regarding Fraser or Ely.. https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/sport/football/5378251/celtic-news-ajer-agent-definitely-leave-summer/?utm_medium=Social&utm_campaign=scottishsunfacebook&utm_source=Facebook#Echobox=1584004870
  11. Nothing more satisfying than seeing Spurs go out, we were far superior in the last round, nevermind, water under the bridge now. Have a strange sympathy for the way Poch was axed, glad to see they’re reaping what they sow with Mourinho and that wee arse Dele is still waiting for the trophy they “deserve”
  12. GDog07

    Relegation battle

    Absolutely not going down. We win against Villa and we’ll all be looking towards Europe again especially If it ends up paying down to 8th this year with the Man City fiasco.
  13. Both those BT Sport pundits, Jenas and that woman are gonna go home and have a chug over the win and the penalty. Big dirty smirks from them both when it was suggested that Spurs were going out to Norwich next round. How can you get a true reflection and analysis on the match when you’ve got Spurs a**e lickers giving their biased opinion and nobody propping up the Saints side?
  14. That woman pundit on BT Sport used the words “no doubt it’s a penalty, he’s made contact” It shows a close up of Gunn brushing his hand over Son’s knee.
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