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  1. It definitely was, got nothing on the ball. We’re a wee team though.
  2. Exactly what I thought. He was clearly ahead of the two CB’s but the RB at the bottom of the picture was to the naked eye equal with him. I was waiting to see the lines drawn by VAR but seemed to be instantly called offside when clearer decisions than that have taken 5mins to come to a conclusion in the past. Mystifying.
  3. Amazon not even a smidge of a replay of the offside build up. I swear he was level with West Ham’s RB #24 if the lines on the field are straight
  4. Let’s hope they get 10. We can lay to rest 0-9 forever. Can’t believe commentators still cling onto it.
  5. “It’s a foul outside the area” Its incredible that because it’s inside the area it’s a factor in a referees decision making. A foul anywhere should be a foul. I wasn’t aware there was a separate rule book for inside the box as opposed to out. I disagree at the view given that a boot flying towards Ings’ face did not affect his header and that was why it was not reviewed. Of course it’s going to affect the quality of your header, you aren’t going to commit to heading that ball when you’ve got a size 12 two feet away from ploughing between your eyes.
  6. Oh damn. Seen that coming for the past five minutes, it was just constant Man City pressure. They’re still at it now, wave after wave of quick counters. I hope this doesn’t become a deflating score line.
  7. The same listening to 5Live. Whoever the woman is commentating jizzed herself when Aubameyang scored, couldn’t stop going on about how a side like Arsenal shouldn’t be in 15th.
  8. Imagine going on and giving them a good 5-0 hammering, would love to see it, bring them back down to earth with a massive bang 🤣
  9. Cannot believe Aston Villa were a few mins from being relegated last season and now they’re cruising, 100%, 4/4 unbeaten. Madness. Everton fans’ll be getting restless thinking it ain’t their year after all with Villa about to motor past them 🤣🙄
  10. I agree with you, I don’t like the way the top leagues are heading, so much incomprehensible money. Quite sure I read a report during the last year or two that Gate Receipts in the EPL make up the tiniest most minuscule percentage of clubs’ income now that they could probably all survive never seeing a fan ever again in their stadiums. I doubt any Premier League football team have gaping holes in their finances because of the lack of fans - They certainly weren’t short, firing out over £1bn in transfer fees again this summer. I understand £15 is less than what you’d expect to tu
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