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  1. Poor game and luckily their keeper made 1 more mistake than our keeper. Pretty that the reason the team was so poor is because a couple of internationals - Jankewitz & Obafemi (as he seems to be behind N'lundulu atm) and the rest of the fringe first-team boys training with the first to cover for the internationals/injuries. If you look at the first team training from yesterday most of the pictures are of B team players broken up with Redmond, Romeu, Forster, Adams, KWP, et al
  2. Watched the whole game today and thought we were thoroughly disappointing but at least for once we were able to watch the game live, even though the coverage was all about Derby. No one is asking for this, and feel free to ignore, but here are my ratings/notes on the game: Lewis - 6 - Couldn’t really do much about any of the goals. Looked ok on the ball, if we are not using Forster for the B team, Lewis definitely seems to be our best option between the sticks. Kpohomouh - 5 - Looked like men against boys at the back. Skinned a few times and looks a long way away from the first team.
  3. It’s being streamed on the derby site
  4. It's the last clip of the highlights package https://www.southamptonfc.com/news/2020-10-19/b-team-highlights-southampton-fc-0-1-blackburn-rovers-premier-league-2-2020-21. N'lundulu is shouting "Mikey what are you doing!" as he pushing him off the pitch. The B team so far has looked really strong on paper this season with plenty of league experience for this level, but the results have been appauling and the performances have been no better than last season despite the renewed approach. I'm not an expert in U-23 football, but you would have thought a Saints B team should be able to take Rovers
  5. Did any one else see the Obafemi red card for the B team? They were waiting for a corner to come in, one of the Rovers defenders says something to him, and Obafemi just proper slaps him. This was really petulant from Obafemi, and Ralph was watching. I think he's very lucky we don't have many options up top, otherwise I could see Ralph permanently dropping him to the B team.
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