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  1. Rightly or wrongly social distancing is going to be reduced in the next 2-3 weeks so that may mean a bigger capacity available when fans are allowed back. it will be interesting how they allocate these , as once the , media, sponsors and cooperate ticket have had their allocation there won’t be that many left. will the length of time you’ve had the season ticket come into , awaygames included , ballot or wouldn’t surprise me totally the value you paid for any season ticket seeing as the refunds value would be less for those that can’t go.
  2. Easier said then done, you can only sell players other clubs want to buy as Saints have found out the last couple of years with the amount of players out on loan. The amounts may or not be wrong but Saints, along with a lot of other clubs, will be down on income. With the lack of season ticket money that they would have received in by now and refunds they will have to give out plus the loss of ticket money from the last 4 home games it will add up to quite a lot. We dont know when fans will be allowed back into grounds or when next seaosn will even start so I can see a few clubs wanting to sell players to help balance the books.
  3. IFHP

    Watford Refunds

    You can double that figure as they would have had by now the season ticket renewal money.
  4. Agreed, Saints will be down upwards of £10,000,000 or so as now would have been the time to renew season tickets. And thats not including the loss of revenue from the last 4 home games.
  5. To be fair , as the article points out, all football clubs are going to lose money and some ( it could be as much as 50% of all clubs outside the premier league) are in real danger of going bust. When football eventually returns the football league could look very different.
  6. Have to agree with this, though I do think every league in Europe need to agree to do the same thing. I do not want to mess up next season and the season after for thge sake of playing 9 or 10 games.
  7. Can’t see the point of completing this season if and it’s a big if , it will ruin the next 1 or 2 seasons . Whatever the football authorities decide some clubs are going to miss out and others gain. Either way I think all the leagues in Europe need to agree to do the same thing. You can’t have one league being declared nul and void and a league in another country being completed and another league in another country not finishing the league and taking the table as it stands. Football wise the bigger issue is some ( a lot) clubs are going to go under if this continues for a few months which will probably make the decision for the football authorities for them unfortunately. Outside of football a lot of businesses are going to go under , people will lose their jobs if this continues for weeks / months. The world needs to find a solution / cure for the virus very soon .
  8. Who cares about being fair when Loverpool are concerned? Cancle this season and we all start again in August. At least it will give the scousers something to moan about for a few years....
  9. IFHP

    Relegation battle

    take out our 16 or so points over Christmas and the new year then I would say we have been showing relegation form for most Of the season
  10. IFHP

    Our Support

    Its a shmae we have not got more songs like that, simple and easy to sing along to and clap etc. How good would it be if, like you say , we could be more like that more often. We did drown out the Newcastle fans, 3 times they tried and 3 times they failed to get heard in that 20 min or so spell. In the end they gave up. I would be intrested to know what they thought about it from the away end.
  11. IFHP

    Relegation battle

    Have to agree with all of that. Our “blip” in form was that run of games between December and January. We won’t go down this season , I said at the start of the season we would finish in the bottom 6 - we might just scrape finishing a bit higher thanks to that “blip” in form. Next season however , we will be in a relegation scrap that we might not win. We probably need 4 or 5 good players and that’s without selling any of our 1st 11 and I just can’t see us doing that. It was baffling why we didn’t improve the squad in January.
  12. IFHP


    Manchester Utd are one of the few clubs where they offer various allocations - 1800 , 2400 and the full 3000. 2400 is probably the right allocation for this one.
  13. IFHP

    Our Support

    The support was again bad yesterday, not for the want of trying but together with the team beng **** its one of thm grounds that will always be hard to get any sort of chant going whee both tiers join in. For what iits worth, dispite winning 3-1 (and winning for the 1st time in ages) the West Ham support was just as bad.
  14. IFHP

    Relegation battle

    We are not in a relegation battle in as much as watford , Bournemouth, West Ham and Aston Villa are nor are we safe - far from it . A few bad results and we will be right back in it . By the same token a few good results and we will be ok. I have always said this side is a bottom 6 side , thanks to our good run over December and January we may even finish above the bottom 6. With 31 points from 26 games if we go down then we would deserve too.
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