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  1. We're not interested in McKennie, hence why I've never mentioned him.
  2. True - we must have the same source then and he's reporting on delay.
  3. I see he's now getting his information from looking at my posts on this forum. 😊
  4. Look, you clearly think I'm someone else, this Kenyan Glasgow guy, but I'm not. I realise it's difficult to trust someone new, but I am not who you think I am. I am happy to put a wager together, for charity, if you wish - say £100?
  5. Who is this Glasgow? Was he ITK as well?
  6. If you don't believe me then that's fine - there's enough people who thank me for the information I give out. Last post of day unfortunately, so can't bring any more insights today.
  7. Well exactly. People want information on the club, but it's not an exact science. Sometimes info that's given to me is correct, but not acted on. However, it gives an indication on how the club is run. I am guessing from what others are saying that other ITKs have been hounded off the site, which is very sad. People like @trousers seem to be the kind that hounds and bullies - although I have no idea who he thinks I am as I really don't understand half his posts. People just need to #benice. We're all just trying our best.
  8. Unfortunately, as it seems above, the old green eyed monster is affecting some of the posters - it's a shame but it is so easy to recognise. I just hope others like myself, for instance LeG, don't get put off with people taking the piss out of him. He seems pretty reliable so I think it would be good to cut him some slack guys. Just #benice
  9. My sources tell me that he does not like this chant...
  10. Sky reporting nonsense again. They need to check their sources.
  11. A bit harsh if you're referring to me.
  12. He's on at least £50k...I wouldn't move to Spurs when a more established player for a 20% or less payrise.
  13. So Hojbjerg isn't getting a pay rise? Don't think so. As said, club isn't happy with the way Hojbjerg is holding them hostage, but then we have a large sell on percentage (on profit) so in actual fact not losing that much compared to other potential bids. Also looks like Cash is the Championship defender I said we were interested in last week - not sure whether we'll pony up the money for him.
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