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  1. Something similar happened back in the old 1st Division in November 1968, although in a slightly different context. Bill McGarry walked out on Ipswich Town to take the vacant position at Wolves. His last fixture @ Ipswich on 16/11/68 was an 0-0 draw away at Man U and his first fixture @ Wolves was a 2-0 defeat also at Old Trafford on 30/11/68. However there was actually another fixture between these two so that they weren't consecutive fixtures, but McGarry hadn't actually taken over at Wolves for that intermediate fixture.
  2. Be interesting to see how Gilmour develops under Smith. Thought he had another good game for Scotland yesterday.
  3. Also interesting that we have 4 clean sheets in the 7 games that Bednarek has played, so I wonder whether Stephens would get back into the team if fit for the Norwich match?
  4. Given that JWP played on Friday yet withdrew from the England squad on Monday (I think), I wonder if Ralph's 'work from home' directive for this week is an attempt to prevent any further possible spread through the squad? This assumes, of course that JWP does indeed have Covid.
  5. Romeu, JWP & Diallo all played together for the last 20 minutes of the home game against Manchester United, when Diallo replaced Djenepo.
  6. Is JWP eligible for this? I'd assumed his 3 match ban was for PL games, so presumably he could play in this one?
  7. Looked like he was feeling his hamstring, as went off.
  8. Adams off injured......
  9. My tickets for the Chapel End were delivered by post within 48 hours of ordering them. We got to the ground at about 12.50 thinking there would be long queues & unsure how many people might be asked to show Covid passes. Walked straight up to the turnstile - no-one in front of us & straight in. Queued behind 2 people to buy a coffee & were in our seats by the time the teams were announced at 1 PM. I applaud the club's decision to reimburse the ticket prices as quite a few people with seats near us were still coming in after the game had started, and clearly many experienced real pr
  10. What are the odds on Ramsdale having 3 consecutive relegations?
  11. Maybe the TO performance is much worse for season ticket holders. Even before the pandemic, work commitments meant that I couldn't get to many matches, so I've never had a season ticket. However, I had an e-mail last week saying that my purchase history made me eligible for Man U tickets. Discussed it with my lad on Sunday & decided we would go. Went onto the ticketing site, selected 2 tickets behind the goal in the Chapel End & paid for them. The whole process took less than 5 minutes. When I confirmed the purchase, it said that the tickets would be sent in the post. They dropped onto
  12. 44 has F at the beginning of each number like Fraser's name.
  13. Stevens also only has one year left on his contract.
  14. Aside from any safety issues, which obviously would need to be dealt with, would the club have to divert money from player investment in order to fund infrastructure improvements? If so, would people be happy with that or prepared to put up with a green roof for another couple of seasons?
  15. He also only has one year left on his contract, so unless Ralph really does rate him & they plan to offer him a new contract, this could be an opportunity to get a small fee for him.
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