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  1. Thank god Shane Long is here to save the day.....said nobody ever.
  2. That’s been coming, I hate all this fucking around at the back. Can’t see us scoring twice tonight so I hope we get the point
  3. It is a truly thick **** who thinks that Biden is a better option for the UK. You may not like Trump (can’t say I do myself) but as a President, he wanted to maintain the special relationship and in particular, strike a good trade deal.....Biden? He refused to speak to the BBC tonight saying “I’m Irish” before walking off and he’s already threatened us over Brexit (Obama said we’d be back of the queue. Let the woke muppets have their socialist USA, I will be sitting back and laughing as it all inevitably goes tits up. Lesson: Be careful what you wish for.
  4. As usual, the saintsweb loons slated the man of the match. Stu, take a bow son, brilliant and so to said the pundits.
  5. This is shaping up for an Andy Carroll classic equaliser.....ffs Saints, score the second and were home and dry!!!
  6. I don’t like scapegoating players....but Stephen’s really is shit isn’t he ??
  7. I would have to seriously question the sanity of someone who wants Biden to be POTUS ...
  8. We scored with Stephen’s on the pitch....let’s not start on the lad.
  9. GET IN!!! Remember all the impatient wet wipes who were on here slating Vestergaard week in week out, using names like ‘Vester-tard’ etc, where are they now?
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