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  1. The notion that the U.K. is inherently racist is a ridiculous one, we are one of the most tolerant and accepting nations in the world, if you disagree then I suggest you haven’t travelled much. If anything, our police forces are far too soft when it comes to dealing with gang culture in our major cities, because they’re too fearful of being labelled racist....and so the stabbings continue.
  2. BLM is an American organisation set up in the wake of American problems, we don’t have the same problems here, our police don’t routinely murder black people. The lunatic leftists hijacked it in the country as a club to hit the establishment with, they made a load of noise, but as always the intelligent majority of Brits saw through the nonsense and now it’s dying a death. BLM is divisive and is driving race relations backwards in the USA.....we’re a bit smarter than that here.
  3. What a refreshing view from an intelligent young man, very well said. Common sense always prevails in the end.
  4. Burnley won’t be spending £100 million on their squad, Turd Moor still has wooden seats ffs !!
  5. Two attacking sides, watch us go and win this one!
  6. If Ings is fit then he must start, his presence alone gives the team a huge lift and his work rate is priceless .
  7. How many times have you seen him play? Would you mind sharing your in depth analysis on what he would bring to the defence and subsequently, the wider team?
  8. We are missing our nucleus in Ings, Romeu and Vestergaard, don’t be too harsh.
  9. Fulham are third from bottom with a record of P14 W2 D4 L8 They’re shit and we will beat them comfortably. I may live to regret this post.
  10. Has anyone heard anything about the extent of Ings injury ?
  11. Great to see fans back in the stadium.....not so great to see them applauding BLM.
  12. They may well do, but they won’t score more than Southampton.....we are actually very good now.
  13. BLM is an American vehicle that the far left have conveniently climbed aboard for their own ends. You pay too much attention to the noisy far left and the left biased MSM that’s your problem. Most POC just get on with their lives. The BLM movement is anti capitalism which suits the left, it’s also anti nuclear family construct and wants to defund the police, how anyone can support that is beyond me, have you seen the destruction they’ve caused in US towns and cities? they’ve murdered people for being white!! If you think I’m being OTT check it out for yourself. I support ‘Kick it out’ bu
  14. Listen pal, in 25 years military service I worked with many folk of various ethnicities and considered them brothers and sisters. I also had the misfortune to visit many truly racist and intolerant countries, so I think I’ve enough experience to say that the U.K. is one of the most tolerant countries in the world, why else do so many from all over the world and from so many ethnic backgrounds want to come and live and work here??
  15. In what is one of the most tolerant and welcoming countries in the world, I think it’s fair to say that BLM have achieved exactly what they set out to achieve......division where it barely existed.
  16. FFS!!! So why put it in the corner of h screen??
  17. You are wrong and pretty arrogant with it which only serves to make you look like a tool. BLM is now registered as a political party, The Premier League/Sky is not supposed to show support to any political party, yet it displays ‘Black Lives Matter’ on the screen during televised matches and their commentators make frequent references to “Black Lives Matter”. The solution is obvious to “anyone with a brain” : Change the language!!!! instead of using BLM which is abhorrent to many ordinary Brits for its defacing of British monuments and unsavoury ideas like ‘Abolishing capit
  18. Anyone who thinks BLM and the wearing of poppies are even remotely linked, needs a history lesson ....wow.
  19. The taking the knee gesture is directly linked to BLM, Sky themselves use that exact term!! They also have BLACK LIVES MATTER in the corner of the tv screen periodically during televised matches. People are pissed off because BLM is an unsavoury organisation which is being rammed down our throats despite their very dangerous stated aims. Sasha Johnson herself said the “White men will become their slaves” that in itself is racist and Twitter saw fit to remove her as a result.
  20. BLMs stated aims include Defunding the police, breaking up the nuclear family construct and abolishing capitalism (millionaire footballs kneeling to that LOL) Why would any ordinary working class football fan support that shit?? There were plenty of decent anti-racism campaigns before these unsavoury lot turned up and starting trashing towns and murdering people in the USA.
  21. Just the United winner left to come and the Sky Sports pundits will be happy.
  22. FFS.....we still make it so easy for teams to score sometimes
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